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You have not arrived here by mistake. You are going through something and feel it is time to get some answers.

Despite trying to get relief on your own the struggle continues.

You are mentally tired, physically in pain and feel that your world is out of control.

You’ve tried other ways to relieve your stress but you remain stuck in the same place. You feel like everyone else has it all figured out and not sure why it is so hard for you.

You know that if something does not change you risk things getting worse and fear that you may lose your job, loved ones, self-worth and your livelihood.


If You Have Been Feeling:

  • Sad and tired or depressed

  • Anxious

  • Overwhelmed, stressed or failing at life

  • Worried about the future

  • Not able to do the things you felt happiest doing

  • Scared to loose your relationship

  • A lack of confidence

  • Overweight or feel out of control with your eating

We Will Help You Find:

  • A positive outlook on life and work toward mood improvement

  • What is causing anxiety and learn how to change those thoughts

  • A balance to life and how to manage the curve balls thrown your direction

  • The future you want with your goals at the center

  • The happiness you felt was lost forever

  • Feeling better in your relationship and restart the flame

  • Positive self-worth

  • A healthier relationship with food and to live happily with food choices


Don't let time continue to pass you by.


If you don't act soon you fear that your health, relationships and wellbeing will continue to diminish. This feeling makes you pull away from people you love, activities you enjoy and end up feeling like things will never get better. You may be left wondering how did it get so out of control.


A better you is waiting!

Rest assured that peace of mind is around the corner. Let us go on a journey to find an understanding of what is stressing you so that we can guide you to new ways of thinking and doing. Trust us to guide you toward more confidence and fulfillment while opening up a new life that you always wanted but did not know how to reach. Finally learn to live the life you always desired.

Finding the right person may seem impossible and reaching out is truly frightening. We get it!! We have taken the fear and fuss out of that first awkward appointment by allowing online scheduling and the ability to complete your new patient packet right on your personal computer. We would like to talk with you!

Talk with us free for 20 minutes to see if our therapists can answer some questions, take the fear out of talking to a therapist and hear ways we can help with your particular concern.

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Help is available -- feel secure that you are in the right place.

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