Dr. Michelle Scoggins

Founder and Owner of Fresno Health and Wellness


You continue to feel overwhelmed, question your place in the world, and struggle to catch a break from your hectic schedule. Though, society keeps putting more stress on you, it is difficult to ask for help or demand time for yourself.

Why am I here?

I became a therapist because I have struggled with life demands and the fear of asking for help. I recognize that self-defeating thoughts such as being a  failure can overpower your mind when you feel that you cannot fulfill the demands of others.  These feelings have the power to create anxiety, depression and other symptoms that are paralyzing but very treatable. I know that being able to restructure your thoughts and set appropriate boundaries on others will free you from the feeling of failure and alleviate mood symptoms.

I am passionate about treating women as too frequently we are overlooked, over needed by others but under appreciated. Women by virtue of society has been guilted for being beautiful beings, sexualized, and not taken serious in business. However, I am here to empower women to reach their goals and dreams despite societal prejudices. I am also here to support women as they experience these unfortunate experiences and to help you work through those situations.

I am confident that you can achieve your dreams and free yourself from anxiety, depression and self-defeating thoughts that currently keep you awake at night.

I know how tough it is to admit that you need help and that you are not perfect. This is particularly difficult for highly motivated and successful women as often times there is a perfectionism syndrome that prevent people from seeking help even when they recognize the need. Also, working women are typically pulled between caring for the family and maintaining a successful career without the appropriate support from their environments. Though, without the appropriate down time and self-care one can begin to loose their effectiveness and ability to hold it all together. I will help you learn balance and how to care for yourself so that you are more available for those important people in your lives.


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Relief from life stressors are within reach. Many have come before you with those same worries and fears such as life never improving, however, they have completed therapy with an empowered outlook at life and improved self-esteem. 

 Interventions offered by Dr. Scoggins: 
Psychodynamic Therapy
Object Relations Therapy
Solution Focused Therapy
Nutritional Psychology

 M.S. and Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from Alliant International University – Fresno
 I am Licensed Clinical Psychologist in California (CA PSY 29566),

American Psychological Association (APA) 
San Joaquin Valley Psychological Association (SJVPA).