Anxiety Therapy and Counseling in Fresno, CA


 Are you experiencing uncontrollable worry even in everyday situations? 

This worry may affect your ability to interact with others, try something new or speak out against someone saying harmful things. Worry like this may seem to control all parts of your life leaving you stuck  with your own thoughts and relief feels completely out of sight.

You may find yourself:

  • Disconnecting from friends/family or co-workers

  • Questioning your ability even in tasks you once were confident to perform

  • Feeling like your heart is beating out of your chest

  • Overwhelming negative thoughts that make you fear others will notice

Get A Solution to Your Anxiety

I can help you find a solution to these fears by learning about where they began and how long they have held you hostage.  We will explore through your childhood to pinpoint the many ways anxiety started. I will help you to identify events that may have helped these fears grow. Once we know the extent of the issue I will help you learn new ways of thinking, coping and being.  I will help you live again without all the distracting thoughts in your head.


Anxiety can really change a person's life and ability to live freely and happily.  Despite your current anxiety about even making the first move to an improved life, trust that I will guide you the all the way and anxiety is a state of being you can overcome. I have helped many people before you identify, challenge and kick out the anxiety that once controlled their lives.

You can do it too!