Depression Therapy Specialist in Fresno


Feeling a lack of energy, not finding the same joy in life and feeling unable to tackle a new project can be really defeating.

 This can become particularly hard for a person whose life is so demanding where taking a breather is unimaginable.  Too many people rely on you in both your professional and personal lives where it feels like you don’t even have time to get your thoughts together.  This type of stress can lead a person to feeling depressed, overwhelmed and ultimately you will experience burnout.

You may find yourself:

  • Working overtime but production does not improve

  • Feeling impatient with co-workers or family

  • Feeling tired despite getting 6-8 hours of sleep

  • Insomnia

  • Difficulty concentrating

  • Negative thoughts about self, others and life

I Can Help Alleviate Your Depression

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I can help you identify self-defeating thoughts, areas of ineffectiveness, and poor boundaries with others.  Once the problem is known, I will help you create a new plan to successfully prioritize tasks, events and relationships.  Over time we will practice and revise your plan until you feel you are once again feeling achieved and your mood has returned to a healthy point.

Depression and stress can be really debilitating and can make you question your abilities to perform even the easiest tasks.  

The time to entrust is now!

Depression Therapy in Fresno, CA is within reach.

Improvement is on the horizon the moment you act.

Find Your Balance.