Dr. Mallory B. Garza 

Psychological Assistant

Supervised by Dr. Michelle Scoggins CA license #29566


Why I Am Here

Inherent in the nature of human beings exists the desire for connection with others. It is this desire to connect with others that inspired me to become a psychologist. I truly enjoy getting to know and understand others on a deep and personal level, and I believe that it is this authentic human connection, along with the feeling of being understood, that allows each of us to overcome the trials and tribulations of human existence so that we may ultimately create purpose, fulfillment, and joy in our own lives. As a therapist, I aim to help those with whom I work seek and discover answers to questions that often keep many of us in negativistic patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving, and which often result in an overwhelming sense of self-defeat and dissatisfaction. My goal as a therapist is to help clients achieve personal growth and development by focusing on and utilizing their strengths. 

My Approach to Therapy

My approach to therapy is integrative, primarily consisting of Existential and Cognitive-Behavioral theories. I conceptualize my clients from an existential perspective. What this means is that, fundamentally, I come to understand my client from a place of what is important to or provides particular meaning or purpose for that individual, as well as how that individual may strive to discover or create meaning and purpose in his or her own life. I also frequently employ cognitive-behavioral strategies. I work to help clients identify, challenge, and alter negative or maladaptive thoughts that negatively influence their mood and behavior in unproductive ways.

Additionally, I consider facets of multiculturalism to be the foundation for my understanding of and work with clients. Considering the various cultural identities of my clients and how these identities may impact my work with that client is crucial for all of the reasons previously mentioned.  

Relief from the many stressors of life and overall life satisfaction is possible. I consider it my pleasure and privilege to help individuals find this relief and satisfaction, and I would be delighted for the opportunity to help you achieve these goals as well. 

Areas of Treatment

Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Perfectionism, Grief/Loss, Survivors of Sexual Assault, Personal Development and Growth, Relationship Concerns 

Interventions Offered By Dr. Garza

Existential Psychotherapy 

Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy

Interpersonal Process 


B.S. in Psychology from Louisiana State University (LSU-Baton Rouge)

M.A. in Counseling and Guidance: Human Services from Louisiana Tech University