Therapy Frequently Asked Questions  


How can therapy help me?

The benefits of therapy are far and wide depending on the individual need or desire.  Therapists can help gain control of a trying situation, understand depression, anxiety, childhood trauma and relational issues to name just a few.  Having an outside source to assist in problem solving and acquiring an alternative perspective is invaluable and can serve lifelong benefits. 

What Therapist is right for me?

There is no right or wrong answer to this but deciding the ultimate goal of treatment will help guide you into the right direction toward the perfect therapist. Ask yourself are you looking to learn new skills, understand your thought processes, alleviate the current stressors of past abuse, resolve concerns in a relationship or learn how to problem solve. Believe it or not there are various types of treatment approaches and therapists that there is definitely a match for each one of us.  

How does therapy work?

It all begin by developing a relationship between the patient and therapist which is built on trust and honesty.  The therapist aids the patient in learning about areas of their current life that is troubling or in hopes of assistance.  That relationship affords the patient to improve and expand upon coping skills and problem solving.