Fees For Therapy Services

Dr. Michelle Scoggins Fees

Improved functioning is priceless.


Rates are:

$160 for a 50 minute individual or couple session.

$130 for a 50 minute online session. (Must have internet connection)

* Additional fees apply for letters, forms or documentation requested to be completed by Dr. Scoggins.

Out-Of-Network Services

I accept patients as an out-of-network provider. By working with me out-of-network I do not have to focus on insurance approvals and regulations that at times can interfere with productive treatment. Instead I am able to provide patients the best absolute care without the concern of hidden fees or refusal of treatment coverage. Many individuals prefer to work with a clinician outside of their insurance as confidentiality is ensured and a diagnosis is not require in order to receive treatment.

Additionally, as an out-of-network provider you may use such services like Flexible Spending accounts for your therapy fees.

Can I Use My Insurance Through Out-Of-Network Services

The answer is, most likely, YES. This is dependent on your insurance coverage if out-of-network services are allowed. Call your insurance if there are questions about this type of service.

As an out-of-network provider we will offer a monthly SuperBill so the patient can seek direct reimbursement from their insurance provider. A Superbill is proof of payment given to the patient where you can directly negotiate with your insurance company for reimbursement for allowed services. Again, this allows you to seek therapy at your convenience and be compensated by your insurance company for taking care of your own health.

Out-Of-Network Services Described

Reimbursement rates are dependent on your coverage. For example, your insurance covers 65% of “reasonable costs” for therapy. Identify what their reasonable costs are so that you are completely sure of the reimbursement rate. So hypothetically if the “reasonable costs” are $100 and they reimburse 65% then you will be refunded $65 per session.

Payments Accepted

Payment in the form of cash, check, or Credit Card is accepted at the end of each session. May use Flexible Spending Accounts. Payments due at time of service.