The mission of Fresno Health and Wellness is to provide skilled mental health treatment through a welcoming environment that feels like a home away from home.  Our professional staff will meet you with authenticity and compassion while guiding you to find balance in your life.  



The vision of Fresno Health and Wellness is to approach therapy as a normalized part of life where everyone can recognize the benefit of outside guidance from time to time. As we grow in the organization it is the hope of Fresno Health and Wellness to become a household name that will be viewed as a safe and helpful place where through each person served can work to reduce the stigma currently felt in the mental health world. 



As a clinician and business owner that understands the societal stigma related to mental health, Fresno Health and Wellness strives to hold each persons experience to a high and ethical standard that affords them the ability to gracefully sort through current and past difficulties.  We hold true to the following values in order to give each person their individual experience:

·     Provide ethical and research supported interventions

·     Keeping the patients need at the center of treatment and refer out when necessary so that the patient is able to fulfill treatment goals

·     Provide culturally sound treatment with the patients cultural, religious, gender and social status identification at the core of treatment and interventions

·     Always meet patients with authenticity, integrity, ethics and transparency

·     Educating patients that the greatest benefit in therapy is reduction of stigma while cultivating the importance of holistic treatment to include relationships, medical wellness, nutritional wellness and treatment of the human experience