LGBT and Gender Related Counseling in Fresno

Gender Therapy Fresno

You feel like others misunderstand you and that to be your true self may not be welcomed by others?

Instead you remain in a body and life that you think makes others happy. 

Yet, by doing this makes you very sad and depressed as you wonder if you will ever be able to live the life you want to have and express your true feelings.

Most of The Time You Wonder:

  • What it would be like if people understood me?

  • Can I ever tell my family/friends who I am?

  • Will they accept me when I tell them?

  • Why is my life so complicated?

We Can Help By:

  • Processing current fears and give supportive and non-judgmental guidance

  • Discovering the pros/cons of telling your loved ones about your sexuality or gender identification; Focus on the desired outcomes of telling family/friends

  • Listening to your fears about non-acceptance and I can facilitate a family meeting if necessary

  • Lending an open-minded perspective to your concerns about life in general and to help motivate and strengthen you for the future 


I have helped many patients in the past get beyond their fears of "coming out" and to help them make important choices about the future as it speaks to your gender and sexuality.    

Coming to terms with gender and sexuality differences can be very frightening but don't let that hold you back any longer.

Call today and start the journey to your future.