Life Coaching in Fresno California

Are you feeling like you have lost your spark?

Have you lost track of the direction you want for your life or are experiencing workplace burnout.

You continue to feel like you are seeping into a big hole and as time goes by you feel less like yourself.

Life Coaching

You may tell yourself:

  • It will get better on it’s own

  • I only have to work overtime for 6 more month to …..

  • Only 3 years before the kids are all in school then I will have time for myself

  • I wish I had some help but no one is available

  • I feel like I can’t catch my breath

You continue to push even though you are tired most of the day and have trouble sleeping at night. You are short tempered with loved ones and feel like you are in your head most of the time. You cannot turn off the negative self-talk and feeling like you are drowning. You can’t imagine being in this place give your career success.

We can help you find:

  • Purpose

  • A New Career Path

  • Efficiency and Balance Between Family and Work

  • Recover from Workplace Burnout

  • Love for your life and family again

Without Acting you will continue to slip and spiral out of control.

You can’t imagine this is possible given all the hard work you have put toward your life, family and career but you just can’t get hold of the situation.

At Fresno Health and Wellness we can help you regain control and change the current direction of your life.

Come Sit With Us and Start Your Change Today!


We are here to guide you to a better you and to help regain your balance. Seeking therapy is difficult especially when it is as a result of work and family disconnect.

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