Couples and Marriage Counseling in Fresno

 You are having difficulties in relationships and not sure where to turn. 

Either your current relationship is challenging, you have a trouble starting relationships or you may struggle maintaining healthy relationships. Also, you may have had difficult past relationships which causes a fear to begin new ones.  When relationships are challenging, a person may question her abilities, values and self.

You may find yourself:

  • Allowing others to dictate your mood

  • Not being able to say "NO"

  • Not have a clear understanding of what a healthy relationship looks like

  • Admitting wrong doing when you have done nothing wrong

  • Sacrifice personal ethics to save a relationship

  • Having trust issues related to infidelity

I Can Help You Improve Your Relationship


I can help you understand the foundation of how you learned to relate to others. This is often created in young childhood where parents were the models of relationship building. If this was done in a haphazard or unloving manner then being able to develop relationships in a healthy manner become very challenging as this was not your training. We will help you understand all the ways in which your relational understanding stems and how to improve this in a way where you are empowered and equal.

Challenging relationships and setting boundaries can be really scary especially if this speaks against your personal learning. However, be assured that all changes made in life will fit with you personally, culturally and will occur over time.  

Learn to create the relationships you want and how to maintain them even during difficult times in life.